100word challenge

I drive by nothing just plain old desert. My car starts to chug and it hurls to a stop I hop out of the car and look around to  see a black disk in the sky fly right above me and make a high pich noise. And then the noise stopped I look up and its gone I hop back into my car and shut my eyes. Eye open eyes again to see something one the front of my car with no hair grey body and big black eyes staring strait at me. It pushes my car strait through the air.

Snapshot in time

I moved from one rock to another as the wind and rain pushed against my body. We were all looking at every single rock pool to see if there were any creatures lurking in the cold rocky waters. We would mostly stumble across crabs but they mostly left their shell. We came across many dead mutnin birds which had died on there massive flight through storms and windy weather. We had to be careful of which rocks we stepped on because they sometimes turn and wobble.

Skip Palenik


Skip Palenik was an American microscopist who worked in the area of Forensic science. He gave the police trace evidence for the Oklahoma City bombings and was born in 1946. He worked on many different murder cases such the Atlanta child murders, the air India bombing and the assassination of Martin Luther King. He was helping solve some of the biggest American crimes in American history.

Skip also taught microscopy at Illinois Institute of technology. Skip published many different books on science and microscopy and he was lucky enough to work closely with his mentor Dr Walter Mcrone. For thirty five years he studied forensic microscopy with Dr Max Frei-Sulzer. At the age of 8 skip got his first microscope and this hobby would be made into a very successful career in forensic science. He had also worked on identifying fake artwork.

Palenik started his own laboratory.  He had had also taught people in their private laboratories and working 1 on 1 with people. Palenik was named the 2003 Distinguished Scientist by the Midwestern Academy of Forensic Scientists. He had been in a TV show and had contributed to many books and articles. He laboratory is scattered with evidence such as milk and hair and High tech gadgets.

In one of his cases was when he was looking at a thousand year old carving of a sheep but as he looked at it carefully it was actually only 50 years old even though the buyer bought it for $200,000 dollars. He had worked on classified cases with terrorism in other countries. Palenik did not have a Ph.d which was unusual for a forensic scientist. When he was younger during the summer he taught himself organic chemistry and he first met Dr Walter Mcrone at the field museum and the Museum of science and industry. He was a very enthusiastic about science at a young ages which lead to his career. Skip was one of the most famous forensic scientists of the 1900s.



100 word challenge

Run! Someone says as a massive tidal wave comes smashing over my neighbours  house I run as fast as I can with my bare feet treading on the concrete. I suddenly get pushed forward at a million miles an hour as the water whips me down the street carrying everything with it. I can see a tree in the distance  with all of the water gushing around it I paced myself as a grab a branch and struggle to climb up as water pushed me. I got up on top of the tree and looked down to see a letter in a bottle.


100 word challenge

I’m lying there behind a wall in Afghanistan as bullets fly by my head I was just about to give up and retreat but just Remembering why I was here. My Dad was killed I grab my gun and sprint into the battlefield as bullets whip past my ear and I grab my gun and start shooting as the enemy started pushing back and I was leading a big crowd of solders behind me do as I did gun blazing running through the battlefield as I keep running I realize we are being shoot at by a sniper as I run.

100 word challenge week 10

I was walking around in the could winter morning as loft droplets of rain splash on my back. The whole park was full puddles of leaves and water is was boring compared to the normal which had green grass all of the trees were bluming it was nice. I was alone in the park normally there would be lots of people running walking. I could see a puddle ahead of me which was allot deeper than all of the other puddles i sore on the way and it had something sticking out of it it was probably a stick but they were legs.