Skip Palenik


Skip Palenik was an American microscopist who worked in the area of Forensic science. He gave the police trace evidence for the Oklahoma City bombings and was born in 1946. He worked on many different murder cases such the Atlanta child murders, the air India bombing and the assassination of Martin Luther King. He was helping solve some of the biggest American crimes in American history.

Skip also taught microscopy at Illinois Institute of technology. Skip published many different books on science and microscopy and he was lucky enough to work closely with his mentor Dr Walter Mcrone. For thirty five years he studied forensic microscopy with Dr Max Frei-Sulzer. At the age of 8 skip got his first microscope and this hobby would be made into a very successful career in forensic science. He had also worked on identifying fake artwork.

Palenik started his own laboratory.  He had had also taught people in their private laboratories and working 1 on 1 with people. Palenik was named the 2003 Distinguished Scientist by the Midwestern Academy of Forensic Scientists. He had been in a TV show and had contributed to many books and articles. He laboratory is scattered with evidence such as milk and hair and High tech gadgets.

In one of his cases was when he was looking at a thousand year old carving of a sheep but as he looked at it carefully it was actually only 50 years old even though the buyer bought it for $200,000 dollars. He had worked on classified cases with terrorism in other countries. Palenik did not have a Ph.d which was unusual for a forensic scientist. When he was younger during the summer he taught himself organic chemistry and he first met Dr Walter Mcrone at the field museum and the Museum of science and industry. He was a very enthusiastic about science at a young ages which lead to his career. Skip was one of the most famous forensic scientists of the 1900s.



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