Mathsmate sheet 2 term 4

Question: Fill in the appropriate numbers for the titles of six famous stories. Then add up the six numbers.

Solving:Books- Ali baba and the something thieves, Something dalmatians, The something steps, Around the world in something days, snow white and the something dwarves and catch something.

I found out the answer for each of the books and it added to 289. There was a hint that said it was a equal square number which it was.(17×17)

Mathsmate sheet 1 Term 4

Question: Fill in the magic square so that every row, column, diagonal add up to the same sum.

1 8


Solving:Four plus six plus eight is 18 so that is our number that it has to equal on each column and row. One plus six equals seven so we have to add eleven and that equals 18 so we move to our next row.The very top row equals 15 so we have to add 3 to make it 18.The very bottom row is eight plus one equals 9 so we have to add another nine to make it 18. The far left row left row equals 13 so we add 5 to make it 18.The far right colmn adds to 11 so we have to add 7 to make eighteen.

Mathsmate Term 3 sheet 8

Question: I think of a number, multiply it by 4 and then divide by 3. If the result is 12, what was my original number?

Solving:  If the number had to divide by three so I added 12 three times and that equaled 36 so I have times a number by four to equal that. I went 9 times four did equal 36 so that is my answer.

Answer: 9

Mathsmate sheet 7 Term 3

Question: Each bead has its own value according to its colour. The value of the first beads are given. What is the value of the last string of beads?

I had to think of four of the same number plus a number to equal 22 so I went 5 5 5 5 plus 2 which was correct. Then it had a white bead which I thought could be 6 and that was right so I went on to doing the last one and my answer was Twenty three.

Mathsmate Term 3 Sheet 6

Question: I think of a number, add 15 and then divide by 4. If the result is 5, what was the original number?

How I worked it out: You have to add fifteen to the number then divide it by 4 . So I thought what number does 5 go into four times, twenty so what plus 15 gets us to twenty 5.

Answer:  So the answer is 5 which was the starting number.

Mathsmate Term 3 sheet 4

Question: the sum of four consecutive  whole numbers is 94 what  are the four numbers? Question no.24

Solving: I thought what adds to make 90 30 plus 30 plus 30 but we need to make four numbers to go in to making 94. I decided to go with 20 so twenty plus twenty plus twenty plus twenty is eighty so we need to get some numbers that go one after each other to get ninety four. So I went with twenty one plus twenty two plus twenty three plus twenty  four is ninety but we need ninety four. So I went twenty two plus twenty three plus twenty four plus twenty five is ninety four so it was the right answerer.