100 word challenge week 9

I was lost in the woods and a very stormy night I do not now how I got here but all I know is that someone is following  me and he is not here to help. I trudged through the woods not knowing were to go. The violent storm was getting more and more violent by the second. I came across a very strange house in the middle of the woods I knocked on the door and a little man appeared and let me in to the house it was nice and warm and cosy. I looked out the window and saw him.

CSI VS reality

Earlier this week we watched a video that shows how CSI on TV is not that realistic. On TV the crime always gets solved and its a very quick happy ending which is not the case. On TV the lights are very dime and blue but in reality the lights have to be as bright as possible so that they can look at the evidence more clearly. In the TV shows with evidence and hair they can always find a match but in reality hair can look very similar but the DNA of the hair is different. So I have learnt that what you see on TV is not always true.

100 word challenge week 8

Bob lives at the night zoo he has black fur and red frighting eyes teeth like knifes and razor sharp claws. He can see in the dark and is a very viscous predator of the night. He has to be kept in his own cage because he will eat the other animals. He is very hard to e able to see at night the only way you will be able to see him is his distinctive red eyes glowing. It eats any animal that has meat in it, he can walk on his hind legs but will run with both.

Mathsmate sheet 2 term 4

Question: Fill in the appropriate numbers for the titles of six famous stories. Then add up the six numbers.

Solving:Books- Ali baba and the something thieves, Something dalmatians, The something steps, Around the world in something days, snow white and the something dwarves and catch something.

I found out the answer for each of the books and it added to 289. There was a hint that said it was a equal square number which it was.(17×17)

Mathsmate sheet 1 Term 4

Question: Fill in the magic square so that every row, column, diagonal add up to the same sum.

1 8


Solving:Four plus six plus eight is 18 so that is our number that it has to equal on each column and row. One plus six equals seven so we have to add eleven and that equals 18 so we move to our next row.The very top row equals 15 so we have to add 3 to make it 18.The very bottom row is eight plus one equals 9 so we have to add another nine to make it 18. The far left row left row equals 13 so we add 5 to make it 18.The far right colmn adds to 11 so we have to add 7 to make eighteen.

100 word challenge week 7

It was another day at school I was sitting there and all of a sudden a big crack of thunder but  the whole classroom shakes and the lights started to flicker. The classroom was in shock but got on they were startled a girl got up and asked if she could go to the toilet but then she was sent flying into the wall as if she was being pulled very fast. Slowly the sky got darker, everyone was helping the girl when a man opened the door he was wearing a suit and had no face.

International day of the girl

The international day of the girl is to try and raise awareness for girls and the lack education around the world. Because girls in other country have to get taken out out school to get married because there family can not afford to keep them to keep going to school. There was a girl in Pakistan  and she was protesting for better girls education and was shot in the head by a Taliban sniper. 31 million girls around the world do not get the opportunity to go to primary school. This has been designed by a group called the united nation. There is a group called plan called plan and they help raise money for this cause you can go to there website you can raise money for this cause. If one girl goes through school properly she will be able to make there country 5%  more wealthy.

I think that this is a very good cause and that now that its raised awarenesse girls will get a better education.


Mathsmate Term 3 sheet 8

Question: I think of a number, multiply it by 4 and then divide by 3. If the result is 12, what was my original number?

Solving:  If the number had to divide by three so I added 12 three times and that equaled 36 so I have times a number by four to equal that. I went 9 times four did equal 36 so that is my answer.

Answer: 9